Apex Greenhouses design, manufacture, and construct a wide range of polyhouses like cost effective tunnel style, continuous vent, retractable roof, or any system on the market through our Dutch supply partners.

Every polyhouse is custom made to your requirements either using our standard module or a specific size to suit your crop, growing system, or land size.

Image of Polyhouses
Image of Polyhouse Structures


Our structure is engineered to New Zealand building standards and designed for crop support / loading, integrated climate screens, irrigation, heating, and lighting. Our steel is AS/NZ certified, manufactured by experienced fabricators, and hot-dipped galvanised for complete assurance and durability.

Polyhouse Film

We offer a range of UV stabilised greenhouse film for New Zealand conditions. 210mic to 260mic clear or white shaded with option for polyweave reinforced film roll-up walls and insect / bird protection.

Image of Polyhouse Film