Commercial Glasshouses

Apex Greenhouses design, manufacture, and construct the Venlo style glasshouse, the most renowned and versatile glasshouse in the world. Our future proof module system can start with small to medium size projects or large scale projects, all using the very latest design and innovations.

Every glasshouse is custom made to your requirements either using our standard module or a specific size to suit your crop, growing system, or land size.

Image of glasshouses
Image of glasshouse structures


APEX structures are engineered to New Zealand building standards and are designed for crop support / loading, integrated climate screens, irrigation, heating, and lighting. Our steel is AS/NZ certified, manufactured by experienced fabricators, and hot-dipped galvanized for complete assurance and durability.


APEX aluminum gutter and glazing systems are designed to maximise light transmittance and can integrate different thicknesses of glass, polycarbonate twinwall, solar, and sandwich panels. Glazing sections have UV resistant seals for insulation and weathertightness and are adaptable all types of doors, roll-up walls, and insect / bird protection.

Image of glasshouse glazing
Image of glasshouse ventilation


Glazing systems can be supplied with standard 2-3 pane roof window ventilation, complete opening roof, or any system on the market through our Dutch supply partners.


4mm glass is widely used in commercial glasshouses and is tempered for added safety and strength.

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmitted and is the percentage of visible light transmitted through the glass when the sun shines at right angles to the surface of the glass. The higher the VLT and light distribution, the higher the yield.

Here are some of the options we offer:

Image of diffused glass
Clear Glass 
  • Direct sunlight and cost effective.
  • 89% VLT or 91% VLT Low Iron (Ultra Clear)
Diffused Glass
  • Scatters sunlight evenly into the greenhouse for better penetration to the crop and creates less shadow in the greenhouse
  • 89% or 91% VLT Low Iron (Ultra Clear) with a range of haze of 30% to 70%
Image of diffused glass
AR (Anti-Reflect Coating)
  • Can be applied to clear or diffused glass and increases the light transmittance into the greenhouse.
  • AR (Anti-Reflect Coating) Glass 1 side 94% VTL Low Iron (Ultra Clear) tempered. 
  • AR (Anti-Reflect Coating) Glass 2 side 97% VTL Low Iron (Ultra Clear) tempered.

Twinwall Panel

Used for greenhouses with high importance level (ie garden centres / research facilities) and requirements for high energy saving.
Typically 16mm double-walled acrylic sheet that is heat-insulating and highly weather-resistant with light transmittance of up to 91%.

Image of glasshouse Twinwall Panels